When we have social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram already ruling the world of sharing what made Twitter any different from them that it became the favorite networking site for the teens and young adults. Well where as the other websites will allow you to share your photos, videos and message your friends Twitter does all that and adds a small amount of magic in the long run, they all disappear!

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  • Photographs: when you share an image on Twitter you have a choice to choose for how long you want the picture assessable to the recipient, it could be as less as 10 minutes. And after the time is up the image is deleted from the device and there is absolutely not any record of the image again.
  • Video: The movies you discuss on Twitter can be viewed only twice in the same device or accounts and more than that. Once both times is up the movie gets automatically deleted.
  • Messages: you can have endless conversations with your friends in Twitter and leave no trace of it anywhere. The chats will be deleted automatically from both the party apparatus without need of your consent and moreover you cannot save the conversation even when you would like to.

Well this discreet feature had attracted mainly the teens a lot. The other networking sites are going to have your all public articles available for the parents and other uninvited guests to test if they desired. But here they do not know what pictures and videos they are sharing unless they need them to understand. So the Twitter users have great benefit to choose what to talk about, whom to talk about and for how long to share. This is thought of as a security feature as it prevents others from unauthorized utilization of your picas.

Other side of the coin

The above mentioned Distinctive attributes are also the ones causing problems. Where as in case of teens, sharing anything and getting away with it as there is not any evidence had pushed them to discuss inappropriateĀ Twitter hack and videos to their age or participate in conversations with strangers that is regarded as threat. As it came to adults it became too simple program to share unauthorized information at offices as any breach in security cannot be traced back to offender as a result of features in the program. This became a problem for the parents and at work places. And for many others the restrictions on downloading or saving the pictures has pushed them to go Extreme steps to get total access any time they want to giving increase to Twitter spying hack.