best time to meditateOkay, so you have recently learned meditation and you would like to give it a go, or you have recently started meditation but you are unsure of something. Well, the short answer to this question is all about time you can match it in. However, please do not take this to imply that you do it if you feel like it, because if you approach it like this then you will most likely escape the habit of meditating and forget to put time aside for yourself daily. Many people find that early morning is a fantastic time, because at the time the busy day has not yet begun, things are generally quieter. It is also a fantastic way to start your day off, to get yourself off to a wonderful calm beginning, in preparation for any actions and stresses that the remainder of the day may bring.

Another fantastic time of the good time to meditate is early day, for example when you have first come home from work but until you have had dinner. This helps you to place the busy day behind you and relax to a pleasurable evening. However, any time of day is very good, provided that you keep it up regularly. For me personally, as a result of my private program, I prefer doing my first meditation prior to lunch. Midday meditation could provide an excellent break to the hectic day, and refresh you for the day. Then I try to perform a second meditation early evening before dinner. Sometimes I then try to match in a third meditation immediately before bed. It should become a vital part of your everyday routine, like eating dinner or taking a shower.

You may discuss it with your teachers or fellow students but it is on the whole an inner and individual procedure. You will find the path within yourself even if you do not believe in the spiritual or religious part of the meditation. Learning to restrain your brain is a solitary process which may get diverted or hindered with extensive discussions.